Past, Present & Future…

Bobby pointing to the KBPS and soon to be KPQR tower!

WPR Creative Director Bobby Harsell pointing toward our future tower space we’ll lease from Benson High School in Portland,OR

On March 23, 1923, the student body of Benson High School in Portland,OR was licensed by the federal government to operate a radio station using 200 watts of power. The first call letters of the station were KFIF. The station made its formal debut on the air as one of the first high school radio stations in the nation. KFIF was officially dedicated in early May of 1923. KBPS (current call letters) is still on the air at 1450 AM and features current Benson students as they progress through the school’s radio on-air and production training program. How is this significant, and what does it have to do with Wild Planet? Well, we will be installing our broadcast equipment on the Benson High School radio tower! WPR will be the first non-profit LGBTQ FM radio station on the West Coast, maybe even first in the entire US. Now that’s some seriously cool history….past, present and future!

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