FM Chips in Mobile Phones



FM Enabled Smartphone

Increasingly, the device people are  connecting to the world with is their smartphone. For that reason, public radio organizations are working with our friends in commercial radio and religious broadcasting to urge the major cell phone service providers to activate the FM chip that is already in all the mobile phones they sell.

To date, only Sprint is on board, while the other major carriers – AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile – have refused, even though it would cost them nothing! We believe that for the sake of public safety and universal access to information during emergencies, it is imperative for the major cell phone carriers and manufacturers to activate FM chips in the smart phones they sell. This will ensure that radio – including public radio – is available to everyone with a smart phone whenever streaming signals is not an option.

Activating the FM chips in smart phones will increase basic access to all radio service, and will help to expand our free services to more Americans. You can help make this happen. We are asking everyone to help us make activated FM chips a reality.

Tell your carrier to activate the FM chip in their mobile phones. Carriers can specify activated FM chips in their orders with manufacturers, but they need to know there is market demand for this capability. More information is available at

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