Wild Planet Training!


KPQR Radio Studio

On Monday, November 3rd we held our first training session in preparation for launching KPQR-FM. This is just the first of many sessions in all phases of operating a real live, breathing object called a radio station. Classes will include; production, news writing, interviewing and programming.

The first three people involved in the training on Monday were Sam, Molly and Charlie. The training class consisted of a little more than two hours of hands-on experience.The session began with an introduction to the control board. We discussed its function and how it is connected to other devices like the CD Player and audio editing software.
This course was not designed in learning how to take the control board apart and rewire it, but these were the basics. Learning how to use the mics, adjust the volume, getting the right audio balance for each person participating in any particular show. We learned about microphone technique. In addition we learned how to attain the right volume for playing and recording music. Each person sat at the console using the controls … getting the feel of using the equipment.
When we’re not live, we use audio software to record our programs and music, so it made sense that we spent a great deal of time learning this process, which includes how to determine whether we record something in ‘Mono’ or ‘Stereo’, we also learned how to walk and chew gum by operating eqpt and making sure we had everything set up correctly on the control board.As part of the hands-on training each person set up the board, opened software and voiced a promo and a top of hour ID. While voicing the promo’s, each person learned how to put music under the voice, keep a good level and in the end learned how to edit.Editing is essential so we spent time learning how to find flaws, delete them and pull the whole thing together as one smooth and seamless item.

Here’s the really good news; as soon as we’re through training Molly, Sam and Charlie, we’re going to start over and train more new volunteers. Anyone becoming a part of Wild Planet Radio and who wants to host a radio show, produce news or be a programmer, you will need to have this training. Anyone interested in writing and producing news, or anyone conducting interviews needs to know how to operate the board, understand the audio software – because quite honestly, it will take an army of dedicated people to keep KPQR-FM and Wild Planet Radio on the air.
Starting soon we will hold more than one training session per week, so there has to be a time slot you can take to learn what it takes to operate a radio station. Are you ready? Go to the contact page and send us a message with “radio training” in the subject line.

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