Welcome Caravan of Glam!

justin and ecstacy“Caravan of Glam Presents” debuts this Friday at 6PM U.S. Pacific!  This sure to be “wildly” entertaining show will feature talk & entertainment, with a focus on the LGBTQ community. C.O.G. has a slew of guests lined up from Cyndi Lauper to Latrice Royale & many more.

quote_it_is_not_our_differences_that_divide_us_it_is_our_inability_to_recognize_accept_and_celebrate_audre_lorde_114735e4919fAlso this week,  This Way Out features discussion on how The Australian government gutted its Safe Schools anti-bullying program, Botswana’s ban on an LGBT advocacy group is overruled, Kansas lawmakers approve anti-queer campus bias, a Vatican pan makes “Weekend” sizzle at the Italian box office, also Audre Lorde reads from her poem “1984” while visiting Berlin for the last time in 1992. It was during that time that Lorde and her surviving partner Dr. Gloria Joseph discussed the comprehensive look at her work that would become “The Wind is Spirit”. This Way Out airs Tuesdays at 7PM U.S. Pacific on KPQR 99.1 FM in Portland, OR. You can also hear the show on demand as a podcast at ThisWayOut.org

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