Planet Picks


199747_10151128723417412_1527701342_n Singer-songwriter Jeremiah Clark was born & raised in a small town outside of Memphis, Tennessee. Bluegrass, rock-n-roll, gospel & soul brought about a sound in him that’s organic, refreshing & vocally-driven. 





The Sexbots are Ilima Considine – who sets her inimitable vocals against electronic soundscapes from around the world.

During a band breakup, Considine was approached by several beatmakers who wanted a vocalist without the commitment of a band.  The Sexbots brings to life a series of e-mail collaborations, carefully curated and art-directed by Considine- who performs alone.



mattachine social

The band is described as Depeche Mode meets Le Tigre for a downtown Gay-Straight Alliance meeting. Shoegazer meets big beats with as much intelligence as it has heart. It’s a private party and you’re on the list. Stream the EP below, then go download your own digital copy on Bandcamp, and support cool queer music!



Kerry is a Philadelphia musician whose sound envelops a wide range of styles, though most familiar to her listeners is her singer/songwriter side. Here’s “Hating Nothing” from the COMP175 disc, which benefits youth LGBT mental health services in the Pacific NW.