Spring 2018!

Forsythia. One of my favourite harbingers of Spring! In a few days, those of us in the Northern Hemisphere will officially welcome the Vernal Equinox. This is also a magical time for WPR, as we transition into a new format, with all new programming. The station  is evolving into a broader focus, with a special emphasis on social & environmental issues.

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All my best, Bobby Dupree


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Holy Heat Wave, Batman!

Themenbild Living Planet

Climate change is prompting bats, and many other animals to change their behavior to adapt to a warming planet — sending ripples through ecosystems.

Every Thursday at 3PM U.S. Pacific, Living Planet explores topics that touch our lives every day; from the environment, to the food we eat, the waste from products we consume  and, of course, all creatures great and small. This award-winning program tells environment stories from around the world. Stream on this page, or use the TuneIn App!

“Alexa, play Wild Planet Radio”

 If you have an Amazon Echo or other Alexa-enabled device, download the TuneIn App to your smart device. Then, just say “Alexa, play Wild Planet Radio” to start listening.

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