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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Announcing Portland’s First LGBTQ Radio Station Wild Planet Radio           Download this file.

March 17, 2014 – Portland, OR.

Press Contact: Logan Lynn, Q Center

Public Relations & Innovations Manager / (503) 234-7837

Wild Planet Radio is a start-up nonprofit LGBTQ radio station and podcast studio fiscally sponsored by Q Center in Portland, Oregon. Wild Planet Radio’s mission is to be a voice for the LGBTQ community by helping people share their stories, ensure that the stories of LGBTQ people are heard, and offer programming that inspires, uplifts and encourages all people.

WPR combines music and community programming via an informative and entertaining radio platform, delivering news with an emphasis on issues faced by the LGBTQ community; locally, nationally and globally. 

Wild Planet Radio is currently working to raise the funds to officially launch during Pride season. To listen and learn more, visit

About Wild Planet Radio:

The Wild Planet Radio project kicked off in 2013 when an opportunity to acquire a low-power FM radio license presented itself to WPR Co-Directors Bobby Harsell and Thomas Elisondo.

Harsell has been a radio program director, producer, DJ and voiceover artist for over two decades, working in many markets from Houston to Portland. “Having a love for the radio business, I keep up with what’s happening in the industry and last year got very excited when I saw the FCC announcement that community groups would have the opportunity to apply for FM broadcast licensing.” Harsell said, “Identifying as a proud member of the LGBTQ Community, I thought to myself ‘Gay Radio Station’!” …and the rest is history.

Harsell and Elisondo dove into researching the subject and soon discovered that there was no full-time LGBTQ radio station anywhere in the US. “It was clear to me that with LGBTQ rights advancing worldwide, “ Harsell continued, “the time is now to have our voices heard, to share our stories, to keep the momentum burning.”

In the fall of 2013, a proposal was made to Q Center, and after a series of meetings and strategic planning sessions, Q Center’s board of directors adopted the program as an official fiscal sponsorship of the agency.

“This fiscal sponsorship comes with a great deal of programmatic entanglement as well,” said Logan Lynn, Q Center’s Public Relations & Innovations Manager. “Wild Planet Radio is actually broadcasting out of Q Center’s LGBTQ Community Center space, which has helped make this a really close partnership so far. Wild Planet Radio fits into the mission of Q Center in a number of ways, and we are thrilled to be involved in these efforts. Our Executive Director Barbara McCullough-Jones already has a talk show on the station called ‘InQuisitive’, which she hosts with community activists Kathleen Saadat and John Kim, and there are many more creative, inspired ‘entanglements’ to come as we move toward the launch.”

“Wild Planet Radio is thrilled to be partnering with Q Center to create one of the first LGBTQ FM radio stations in the US,” said Harsell, “We are actively engaging with our community and encouraging anyone and everyone to get involved. There are many ways to become involved with the project – including, but not limited to: being interviewed on one of our podcasts, sharing music or other “sound/audio” talents”, discussing developing ones own radio show and more. We’ll soon be offering a 10 week radio and podcast training program. Interested community members will have the opportunity to learn the basics of audio recording, radio show creation and hosting, news techniques and audio production as well.”

Wild Planet Radio has spent the past few months out and about, spreading the word about Portland’s new LGBTQ Radio Station, and the WPR crew will be making several more stops over the coming weeks and months. All of these events can be found on the Wild Planet Radio website at

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