Trans Spirit

“Trans Spirit” is a celebration of transgender spirituality. Through interviews and music, we delve into the question of what spirituality means to transgender individuals as well as the positive aspects of the transgender experience. Hosted by rock musician Jesse Paradox, get ready to explore the beauty and wisdom that the transgender experience has to offer the world! 

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Ep. 49 “What’s in a Name?”

Ep. 48 “Becoming Whole: Pt. 3 Interview with Daliah Husu”

Ep. 47 “Direct Experience: Pt. 2 Interview with Daliah Husu”

Ep. 46 “Meet Daliah Husu!”

Ep. 45 “Beliefs about Death”

Ep. 44 “Choosing to Live from the Heart”

Ep. 43 “Vulnerability and Protection”

Ep. 42 “The Nature of Consciousness,” a.k.a. Jesse’s Favorite Topic

Ep. 41 “Chosen Family, Chosen Ancestry”

Ep. 40 “Gender and the Ego: Divine or Material”

Ep. 39
“Clearing the Clutter: Enlightenment”

Ep. 38
“Finding Purpose in the Trans* Identity”

Ep. 37
“Ways of Knowing and the Intuition of Identity”

Ep. 36 “The Meaning of Spiritual Growth”

Ep. 35 “Ethics for Trans* Folk”

Ep. 34 “Transgender Elders”

Ep. 33 “The Wisdom of Dreams”

Ep. 32 “Love in the Face of Transphobia”

Ep. 31 “Creating Our Own Spirituality”

Ep. 30 “Addiction, and Transgender Primal Ecstasy”

Ep. 29 “Imagination and Spiritual Expansion”

Ep. 28 “The Hijra Spirit”

Ep. 27 “The Two Spirit Identity”

Ep. 26 “The Obligation of Transgender Teaching & Activism”

Ep. 25 “The Gift of Perception Expansion”

Ep. 24 “Transgender Experience and the Hero’s Journey”

Ep. 23 “Gender is God”

Ep. 22 “The Radical Faeries”

Ep. 21 “Spiritual Reasons for my Non-Op Trans* Experience”

Ep. 20 “Rock Stars are Allowed to be Gender-Variant”

Ep. 19 “Walkers Between Worlds”

Ep. 18 “The Wisdom of the Outsider”

Ep. 17 “Transgender Relationships Can Heal the World”

Ep. 16 “Trans* Exclusion and the Bigger Picture”

Ep. 15 “Feminism from a Genderqueer Perspective”

Ep. 14 “A Life of Inquiry and Expansion”

Ep. 13 “Partners of Trans* People”

Ep. 12 “Living Gender-Neutral in the Mormon Church”

Ep. 11 “Coming Out as Coming of Age Ritual”

Ep. 10 “Trans & Compassionate in the Face of Ignorance”

Ep. 9 “Spirit Having a Human Experience”

Ep. 8 “My Gender is a Verb”

Ep. 7 Transcending Transphobia Within Oneself

Ep. 6 Rewilding and Transgender Magic in the Natural World: Interview with Tyra

Ep. 5 Inner Truth of the Trans Emergence: Interview with Lynda

Ep. 4 Genderqueer as spiritual evolution:

Ep. 3 Interview with spiritual transgender friend Ross:

Ep. 2 Jesse’s personal take on trans spirituality

Ep. 1 Introduction to Trans Spirit

To learn more about Jesse Paradox and his music, check out his website: